Saturday, January 31, 2009

if that boy dont love you by now....

Ciara-Never Ever Video


"i have a hangover"

d av e

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

thought i share this with yall...

thats it im done now

d ave

shotta nah miss wid dis one.....

mash it of my fav tune

mavado-im so special

"go to the store and buy me tin of sardine and loaf of bread"

d a v e

brown to the day I die....

Collection: Bottega Veneta Fall 2009

"damn that was so good i wanna make her some hamburger helper"
d a v e

d o p e...they do it for fun

im speechless......
mr.west how come you can pull stuff off like this...
and your not even going hard
but i don't how i feel about the fur on the 2nd picture.....
"i shop so much I can speak Italian"
d a v e

manolo blahnik....on sale?? say word

so the Manolo Blahnik store in new york city
is having a 75% off sale.
which will run your pockets ladies....and some gents v-day is coming up for about
200.00 beans.....not bad
for 600.00 dollar shoes huh
ahhh how I love the city...
"Manolos Ma-no-no's I can't tell"
d a v e

polka dots...

Keyshia Cole was spotted outside her whip at the 2009 Trumpet Awards in Atlanta this past weekend…
"i like her short hair better"
d a v e

where is the closest window?


"its snowing again"

d a v e

Monday, January 26, 2009

g-shock that shit....

if your a faithful reader i did a post on g-shock watches last spring...
so g-shock watches are becoming so popular everyone has the "white one" and it annoys me what happen to color??? personally im tryna get my hands on this yellow throw back joint...
d av e

Sunday, January 25, 2009

are you a supra fan....

supra spring 09'...............
i like them all what about yall.......
d a v e

Thursday, January 22, 2009 you love me?

my favorite ghetto baby momma actress has been nominated for an Oscar...
she done moved up in the world!!!
"Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson received their first Oscar nominations this morning and will compete against each other in the supporting actress category for their performances in “Doubt” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” respectively.
Nominations for the 81st Annual Academy Awards were announced Thursday morning from the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater. Other actresses in the supporting category are Penelope Cruz for “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” Amy Adams for “Doubt” and Marisa Tomei for “The Wrestler.”
Henson’s nomination is one of a leading 13 for “Benjamin Button,” which also earned a best actor nod for Brad Pitt, best director for David Fincher and best picture." soucr from

yellow does things to a nigga like me..::

who is her stylist again?...
now if she could perform and sing how she looks..
she would be the greatest something like ali in his time
"im looking for a bad jawn with yellow on in the cafe now"
d a v e

picture of day...

damn that looks good doesnt it...
im pressed like shit and im not denying it
watch him work this country...
"no one else will do"
d a v e

so where is shannon?

i think i had enough of this...

who am i fooling?


"i will be watching along with everyone else"

d a v e

my 2nd fav track....

you look flawless boo

watch her get that ish...


"my fav track is "Trust" sorry im a Monica fan"

d a v e

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

$21.5 Millz.....

not bad my G!
notorious big
i must say i enjoyed the hell out of that movie myself

sorry i cant help myself....

they just inspire me like deadazz....

she hit it on the nail...

its weird cause it feel's good to be african american or is it just me...

time will only tell



d a v e

at last...


the suit

the dress


what more could you ask for

it was perfect at last


"how much you wanna bet mr prez got him some last night"

d a v e


grey and brown is perfect..

perfect combo
get that ish...
"im so inspired today"
d a v e

shawty what your name is....

something about these two just make my day....
i dont know
[pic taken at "Love" night club in DC last week]
"i got no time for frontin"
d a v e

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

fresh videos....

John Legend's
Everybody Knows
"this video is tight legend is fresh of my fav artist"
d a v e

my first family is fly...

my first lady's jimmy choo shoes and j crew gloves...
my first children custom made j crew pea coats
my prez elegant brooks and brother driver coat does it for me
just one word
"its about time i have some inspiration"
d a v e

Monday, January 19, 2009

we are one....

Jamie Foxx was spotted giving President Elect Barack Obama brotherly love at The “We Are One” Concert at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday afternoon. The free concert was star studded with appearances from the likes of Denzel Washington, Bruce Springstein, U2, Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Blige, Tom Hanks, John Legend, Queen Latifah, Usher, Jamie Foxx, Beyonce and more. Mary J. Blige performed “Lean On Me” while Jamie Foxx later made the crowd laugh with an Obama impersonation. Usher and Shakira joined Stevie Wonder on the stage to perform “Higher Ground” and Beyonce concluded the show with a performance of “America The Beautiful”.


"im finally inspired"

d a v e

history....happy mlk day everyone

Thursday, January 15, 2009

i would put a ring on this...

she got me speachless in class man.....
d a v e

baby for them.....

so a source tells the newest issue of us weekly that Kelis and her hubby Nas are having their first child together.....well im happy for them
d a v e

fresh magazine covers

Rosario Dawson steamed it up for the latest cover of Max Magazine
LeBron James for the latest issue of GQ looking classy if you ask me...

reintroduction::: welcome 09' [i know im late]

i'm going 2 switch gears a bit.because i don't wanna become

a... a.... hmm. well. something novelty & empty. in an attempt 2 TRULY self-assess,

i'm going 2 turn this sh*t inward.i hope U don't mind.uhhh.i sat in the house 2day.

i went out both thursday & friday nights. a bit of a rarity 4 me.

i danced a lot. cardio down. on top of the intense drinking in the afternoons.

so i owed myself a chill day.a day where i kinda 4got i was in new york. i was in....

d a v e land. lol. which is fine.

2day i really appreciated the new feeling of '09.

[FINALLY] calls, texts & BBMs from friends in the City and around i guess the world (funny huh pippy)& beyond.

& really thinking about what's important: happiness & progression.(shrug) i have a great feeling about this one.

so allow me to reintroduce myself::::::many of you might say you dont need no introduction but

in that case I can no longer speak to unfamilar people in my life.

signed "Hello Im Dave"

Sunday, January 11, 2009

im still team ne-ne

ha!!! not the sexiest housewife
but mos def my favorite housewife....
get it in ne-ne
d av e

Saturday, January 10, 2009

my favorite song right now....

so those of you that know....know me that i am jamaican...::::did i jus say that?

anyways one my fav reggae artist serani has one of the hottest songs out

nyc clubs eat it up when they switch to reggae...for like 20 mins smiles

i heart nyc

but back to this song its the shit...............

and you can download it on itunes

for 0.99 a buck!

its 09 no more games ladies and gents


d a v e

ahhh...there you go

ms. 5 time Grammy nominee....

do ladies still wanna bust windows....

i have a friend that told me she wanted to.....

but this was like a week before the song surfaced....


"back to school tommrow d a v e"


d a v e

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

a notorious mess...oh hell no

after watching this I did some research on how kim herself felt on miss ex 3lW playing her in the jan 16 release of N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S

Hip Hop's Big Momma-Queen Bee , Lil' Kim is not pleased with the performances and writer's for the film, Notorious, and she has a few words for Faith & Ms. Wallace, the two who are supposedly behind the film.

HHW: What are your thoughts on the Biggie movie?

LK: I want the world to be clear; I have NOTHING to do with that movie. That movie is Faith and Ms. Wallace's story. Most of the story is bullshit especially the way my character is being depicted. There are a lot of lies in the movie. I had no idea it was even going into production, until one day I got a call from my manager at the time, Lance "Un" Riviera, and he said " Yo! You know they caste this girl Naturi [Naughton] to play you in the Biggie movie," I was outraged. I was upset, because to me, to do an autobiography about someone's life, you want it to be as authentic as possible. I was not involved in the movie. They never came and asked me anything about Biggie, but again this was Faith and Ms. Wallace's movie.

HHW: So it's safe to say you didn't approve of the casting?

LK: I couldn't believe it. I was outraged.

HHW: So what did you do?

LK: I went with my lawyer and my manager over to the production company's office in downtown Manhattan, (I never went to the set) and I demanded to see the script along with the audition tapes to see all of the people who auditioned for this role, and find out why they didn't contact me to help pick who was gonna play me. When I viewed the tapes, Naturi was the worst out of all of them. Regardless of the fact she looked nothing like me, when I saw the audition tapes, she was the worst and I had no idea why they picked her. It seemed she was the total opposite of what I am. In my opinion a really seasoned actress would have contacted the original person they are portraying to deliver their best performance ever. The only two people who know me are God and myself so the audience is getting jiped in this movie.

HHW: Who was involved in selecting her?

LK: I have no idea. Again this is Faith and Ms. Wallace's story. I would've never picked Naturi to play me, but I think they were just trying to depict me a certain way and that was so wrong. At the end of the day, if you want a damn good movie, you're supposed to go to the sources themselves. I mean, you got Cease and some of the other mafia members playing themselves, but they didn't want me to play myself 'cause it would've been to real. They didn't even ask me as a common courtesy or out of respect, and the reason why is because they wanted to lie and make up a story. In Naturi's defense though, I feel really sorry for her because they totally used her.

HHW: Did they ever approach you to be involved?

LK: No, Never

HHW: What are some of the discrepancies with the movie?

LK: There were so many. They were disrespecting me terrible in that script but the one that sticks out to me was in a scene allegedly when Ms. Wallace came to see one of Biggie's shows for the first time and I was supposed to be so mad at him about something that I pulled my panties off on stage and mooned the crowd with my p----. What the f---?! Come on, don't you think that would've been in the history archives? They're using Lil Kim to sensationalize their bulls--- lying'-a-- story. That was the last version of the script I saw, which somebody had snuck to me, 'cause people didn't want me to see it.

HHW: How did you feel about who they cast to play Biggie and the other characters?

LK: Personally I would've never picked Gravy either, that's not my baby as I knew him. I'm a realist. If he gave me that Biggie aura I would've been able to separate. But, there's nothing that comes off of him that says; that's Biggie to me. I know Biggie is like "come on, how they gone do me like that?" The only person who came close to who they portrayed in my opinion was the girl that Faith picked to play her. But again this is Faith's story. I could never tell you what Faith and Biggie's relationship was like so how in the hell can Faith or Ms. Wallace or anyone say what my relationship with Biggie was like? essence of that time period

HHW: Have you spoken with Faith and Ms. Wallace?

LK: No. Honestly, I don't have no words for them. But, one thing I will say is, I've had enough and I'm about to expose them both. That's it. I've been quiet for a long time. You don't hear me talking about none of them, and to be honest with you I'm really disappointed in Faith. I remember a few years ago she did a magazine interview where she talked about having a lot of respect and love for me. She said, "Kim was Biggie's girlfriend and I was Biggie's wife," and how that was hard for her to deal with. Then later on she writes a book and in it she tried to change it and say some stupid s--- about how I was his jump off. I laugh at her because I remember years ago being in the studio with my then boyfriend at the time, Scott Storch. We're in the studio, Faith was in another room and she called Scott's phone and said "Oh Kim's with you? Tell her I said hi and that I got love for her and hope that her and I can talk soon and be friends." I was like "wow!" I thought that was really big, considering that I'm a woman who her husband was in love with. I felt like that was real big. Me and Scott even thought of doing a record with her, thinking about how big it would've been for hip hop and for the Biggie family. She even sent her daughter China, who I love and took care of sometimes down to me, and China was like, "I love you Kim and my mom told me to tell you she loves you and hi." But, here we go years later, I guess the funds must be low; because somebody told Faith, "you gotta write a book and you gotta come at Kim in the book." It shocked me, 'cause I thought we had come to some kind of unity. I thought it was really tasteless. She could never play poker because she already exposed her hand. Faith, you know me, I'm an extremist I go hard. Once I start I don't stop. Why would you wake up this sleeping giant? HHW: And, what about Ms. Wallace?

LK: There's nothing Faith or Ms. Wallace could do to stop me from reppin' B.I.G. all day. I'm gonna always do that. They want to talk about people exploiting Biggie, to me this is the worst way you could exploit his name; by disrespecting people who was around him who he had major love for. The truth is gonna be known. Like how a while back Ms. Wallace was on the radio talking about how we never mourned together and that she never knew me. It's crazy 'cause she and I lived together in Biggie's house for almost eight months after Biggie died. On top of all that, out of the kindness of my heart and the love I had for Biggie, I share five percent of my publishing with Ms. Wallace; just out of love, making sure that if I ate, she and the kids ate. And at the end of the day, this is how she repays me? It's time for Ms. Wallace to be exposed.

HHW: Will you go see the movie when it comes out?

LK: Hell No! I might watch it on bootleg, for legal reasons. I don't mess with Cease and them at all, but even they know this is not the real Biggie story. If they say something different, I ain't mad, 'cause I know they're rolling along for their little three minutes of fame, doing what they gotta do to hold on. I just want people to know, I have nothing to do with the film and I'm not supporting it. I'm Currently working on my life story where people will get the Naked Truth about Kimberly Denise Jones a/k/a Lil Kim. I totally agree, I feel Kim....To do a TRUE STORY, they should have reached out to the real members of the cast, like Kim.


I gotta see this movie asap.

d a v e

she doing her thing....

Peep Beyonce's new print ad for L’Oreal.
In other great news about Queen Bee on her myspace she released that....
More people are hitting up YouTube to watch Beyonce videos than any other artist, including MTV staples Soulja Boy, Rihanna, the Jonas Brothers and Chris Brown, according to the Associated Press.
Her clip for "If I Were a Boy," where Beyonce imagines life if gender roles were reversed between her and her boyfriend, has been watched by more than 34 million on the video-sharing site.
Her other recent song, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" – featuring Beyonce dancing in a black leotard and heels – has drawn at least 22 million views and inspired dozens of copycats – including a popular toddler named Arianna.
Beyonce has spoken about how bowled over she is by all the imitations and met some of the dancers. She also joined the "Saturday Night Live" parody of the video with Justin Timberlake and cast members Andy Samberg and Bobby Moynihan. (That video has also been watched by millions online.)
The singer and her record label, Sony/BMG, are hoping her latest video, "Diva," has similar success. Released on Dec. 24, it returns Beyonce to the simple style of her and two dancers in a plain setting — this time an empty warehouse. It has drawn less than one million viewers on YouTube so far.
"She doing her thang"
d a v e

Monday, January 05, 2009

.....this nigga right here

your caught....


"everyone loves jay"

d a v e

my day was fulfilled after seeing this....

I have a feeling these leggings should come with a “Don’t Try This at Home” warning. Not too many women could pull this off and if you are a woman who can’t stand for dudes to stare at your azz… these pants are definitely not for you. Pair it with a sheer top, and you are really trying to show off. I see you Meg!

d a v e

now she jumps on the bandwagon

i see you...could have been better

harlem stand up!


"fire the dude recording"

d a v e