Monday, June 30, 2008

Pushed Back I See [Hear] Why Now

[The wackest remix of the summer like seriously]
I loved the original that featured Auntie Keyshia but this mixture of people only that DJ that be with T-Pain can pull that off I mean they even brought back Queen Latifah lol ok Game I see why your cd was pushed back do your thang.......Click the link to hear the "Pain" for yourself
D a v e [Lol]

Video Music Box?

Here is the special make up Nike Air Force 1 designed by DJ Clark Kent to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Video Music Box. Twenty Five pairs of the "Video Music Box 25th Anniversary" Nike Air Force 1 Low were created and given exclusively to Uncle Ralph to give to his closest friends and family and to those who have been instrumental in the Video Music Box's 25 year history.
[I guess there cool in a sense]
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D av e

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Movement

My very close friend and very inspirational friend Nikko came up with a little site I like to call the [The Movement] for it is very much just that it is simply on the rise quote me on that one. Everyday it seems like "Abstract Etiquette" has fresh artist that seem to inspire me each every time I visit her via myspace. Nevertheless Nikko or as I like to call her aka Nikki has inspired me again with her own pod cast radio Summer 2008 seems to TREAT her well I am so proud and so happy to be her yes!! people I am not only promoting her because I love this chick I am asking that you hear me and her out and go listen to it. [It's really good radio]
"Tattoo Abstract's name across my heart so it can remain not even death can bring us part"
Check Abstract's at their finest

She's Cool Like That

Reebok Back In Style

I think these are certified and stamped to be "Dope"
After many very successful collaborations...I amgald to share with you with a sneak peak at Reebok x Alife NYC 2008 Footwear Collection for both men and women. There will be an ERS 5000 II model for men, and the Pro Legacy Mid, Freestyle Hi and Ventilator for women. Look for these to be available next month at selected account holders worldwide.
Thas fresh!
d a v e

Jones Threw To Much [Shade]

Born in 1969, Jones graduated from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York City then went on to Syracuse University where she graduated with a B.A. in Music. Before becoming involved with radio, Jones sang professionally during the mid-1990s. She became famous in the early 1990s for her mixtape collaborations with DJ Ron G, Common, Jahiem, Big Pun and Najee. She enjoyed some success with her independent 1994 hit "Where I Wanna Be Boy". But we have for years have known her as "Miss Say What She Wants Jones"
Hot 97’s Miss Jones was recently bounced off the morning line-up. According to sources, she will be given time to say goodbye to her listeners. The nationally syndicated Big Boy’s Neighborhood which is beamed out of LA will replace Miss Jones in the Morning according to sources. I honestly don't feel bad for her she has offended people from A-Lister's to Beyonce Knowles to victims of the 2005 Indonesia earthquake. Her time is up like most she has to be replaced good luck and good rid ens miss Jones. I wish you 100 years of sucesss in whatever you choose to do.
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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blazer That Joint....

Here is a fresh new Blazer High from Nike. The shoe features a simple combination of Grey, varsity red, white and black. The upper is made up of suede while the tongue sports a silver base. A very solid release by Nike...look for these at Nike accounts now. Image via Proper.
[Im still looking for the Nike Blazer of my dreams I wish I could custom make them like you can do airmax on via but I will be patient going shopping now so]
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Mama Frankie

Mama Frankie Looking Nice!!!
[I Love This Family I Guess Im Ghetto As Hell]
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Auntie Keyshia!!!

Keyshia Cole’s stylist created a palette of bright colors when she dressed Keyshia for a night on the town in LA. Keyshia is a stylist’s dream with a cute shape built perfectly for high waist jeans. The sunny yellow causal top and pink high heel sandals with matching belt bring out the colors in her Louis!!!
Auntie Keyshia makes me proud to be her nephew she is looking nice by the way she is the first female in the game to pull off the [High Waisted Jeans Look] many females have tried and failed and I went to a party last week and seen high waisted shorts on shorty [It was not a GOOD LOOK]
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Lupe Meets Converse

This is the All Star shoe designed by Lupe Fiasco. About a month ago, Lupe performed at the Dr. Romanelli’s 1Hund[RED] Artists shoe launch in LA. These Converse features a full black patent leather with red accents and a white sole. No mention on availability yet. Via Complex
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PS: These Are Dope!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wale's [The Artistic Integrity]

"Mixtape About Nothing" Avaliable Now

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[Dont Make Me] Piss On Myself!

She is so funny like I think she knows that she makes people laugh and then she gets mad when people call her "hot mess" well she entertains me and my life I was so bored at work until I PEEPED these.....
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d a v e sayin NY is a mess

I Keep Bleeding.....

Audi + BMW= My Two Dream Cars

Audi R8 V10 Is Classic!!!

525bhp 5.2litre V10 engine, and goes from 0 - 60 in 4.9 seconds [How is that for fast] I love this car I want to test drive it but Audi is so not the typical car for a black man oh well I like beating the standards

You Can Never Go Wrong With The Beemer!!!

Looks the same as the 2009 series to me, I wonder what the heck changed
The new 7-series launches in November will feature BMW’s new Efficient Dynamics program, with hybrid models coming too.

I'm not a big car person but I am a big "Name Brand" person does that make me shallow?
Whateva dont throw no [SHADE] over her silly kids
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Obama or Die!!

Obama That Word!
d a v e

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BET Awards Part 2 Wrap It Up

Here are some of my favorite performances of the night!

1. Number One Spot has to go A.Keys big ups to you
2. Auntie Keyshia [Sounded A Lil Shaky @ First I Think BET Makes Her Nervous Remember "Love" but Cousin Kimmy came to the rescue]
3. Kanye and Jeezy....Classic Performance
4. I liked Rihanna Performance maybe I liked how edgy she looked
5. Lil Wayne was Lil Wayne!!!! A Milli and more [sorry I couldn't find any cool pics]
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Random Nonsense

Mr. Dogg him self was arrested in Miami yesterday afternoon (June 23) on a warrant for having no valid driver’s license. DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was taken to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Institute, where a spokeswoman said he remained behind bars at about 5:30 p.m. His bond was set at $500...............[It just sad he doesnt learn]

Do I need to say anything this is [Will Smith kissing David Lettermen] Im not even going to say any thing more...Oh brother Jada get your man please!

Random Right?
D a v e

BET Awards 08 [Lets Wrap It Up]

3 Words!

Less Is More

[Here is my list for my best dressed "females" at The Bet Awards last night]

Speaking of the awards the host was so dry the show had GREAT potential to be great of course but the opening of the show was even more DRY Usher was very over hyped and he didn't deliver I think many expected him to bring Beyonce and feature Wanye but being old azz he didn't! Oh well Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole and Kanye and Wayne you guys did the damn THING! So thanks for entertaining me for the night fashion was most def in full effect that night some more then others. Like I said here is my top females that shined that night!!

  1. Cousin KIM is back dripping in Versace and Louie I think she looked sexy as hell
  2. Solange is taking serious TIPS from her sister she looked pretty
  3. Trina who should have won for best [Rap Female Artist] looked hella good in yellow
  4. Envouge is how old? (Damn.........)
  5. A.Keys & Gabby share this number 5 spot they look SPANKIN!
  6. Rihanna and Auntie Keyshia dazzled in yellow [which was a hot color for the night]
  7. Nia Long (My Favorite Actress) & My New Fav New-New herself Ms.London looks REALLY GOOD
  8. Kyla Pratt is that really you ok I see you ma!

and thas the wrap up stay tuned for performance pictures as well as how well the dudes did it up last night

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blue Bird Fly!

Here is another fresh Nike Dunk celebrating the Olympic Games in Beijing . The upper uses some premium materials on the side panels and the shoe’s toe uses a similar perforated suede, similar to what we’ve seen from the Nike x DQM Dunk High Pack. It is now available at Proper.

[I want these how about you guys]
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Auntie Keyshia [Oh How I Love You]

I am really feelin Keyshia Cole and her look these days. She has certainly come a long way from learning that “less is more.” Keyshia was spotted outside the David Letterman show yesterday in NYC

[Peep Her Shoe Game Its Bad These Days]
A few weeks back I did a post on "Auntie Keyshia" being the new [It] girl well I am so glad that I was right....Auntie Keyshia I give you all the praise and so much more I see you Auntie.

Keyshia Cole was a stunner in white wearing GUCCI from head to toe at the V-103 Annual Car & Bike Show (Love & Adore You AUNTIE)

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[Cousin Kim and Aunie Keyshia Yall Better Get It One Of My Favorite Performances Of The Night]
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I Decided These Are The Sisters For Me!!

Still [Salty] That Queen Bee didnt join Usher to open the BET awards up!!

But I understand that she is filiming a movie and living the life being "Ms.Carter"
Solange is the sister I always wanted [Let ME stop I love you Dominique your my heart]

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I Love Beyonce

D a v e

Please Dont Stop The Drama!!!

" A Mess"

Did you peep homeboy on the [BET Pre-Awards] all GUCCI OUT!!! [SO TACKY]

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[Peep The Blackberry Curve @ Least He Has Some Style ]


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