Saturday, May 31, 2008

Classic Material


Are You That Somebody

Introduced me to Airmax 95, Girls In Sports Bra, and the Genius Timberland

Whats the word?

PS: I miss her all the goods one leave so soon

D a v e


I ran across this picture on my boy's my space page talk about inspiration
I had to find out what's the story behind this "DOPE" effin picture so I found out courtesy of Mr.
West that
That chair Pharrell is sitting on is called the Perspective it was designed by Pharrell and built by Domeau & Pérès. The chair along with another design and a table will be part of a show in Paris “at the prestigious Emmanuel Perrotin Galerie“. Only 4 of each chair will be sold and they will only be available in a few colors. The chair itself is different i guess and it is meant to represent the “love between a woman and man”, the front two legs being female and the back two being male, work out the rest. Not sure on the price as of yet but what do you guys think of the chair design and idea ?
Whats the word?
D a v e

Aubrey Tisk Tisk Tisk!!!

Like seriously a few days ago I posted a
"Danity Kane & Day26" story
and I so happen to run across this are you Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan she looks like an average
everyday video HOE
Whats the Word?
D a v e

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 26 & Danity Kane WHERE IS THE HYPE?

So anyone who knows me knows that I am big fan of Diddy and this goes way back to his
"Bad Boy Empire Days" [thanks to my older brother]
Nevertheless, I believe that he doesn't promote or push his artist
Danity Kane and Day 26 both have solid records and I have yet to see/hear
a second single from either artist it seems like there only in the spotlight
for a week and then POOF!! They disappear why cant they be like other
groups/artist that make 4 solid videos and appear on the red carpet
it annoys the crap outta me to see TALENT go to waste...or are they WACK!!
Whatever the problem is over there at Bad Boy Diddy needs to fix it ASAP!
For the true fans, Day 26 next single is "Since You've Been Gone" & Danity Kane second single is "Bad Girl" two tracks that are a good choice and very strong!
Whats The Word?
[I'm Disgusted]
D a v e

Who Rocked It Better??

So who "Rocked It Better" [Shout Out To CL.Com]
Mrs. Carter-Knowles or Ms. Kimora Lee Simmions
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Harlem Whats The Problem??

Whats The Word.......

I'm tired of going to places and being a young black socialite, has Harlem turned into

The "Wild Wild West"

I hate the fact that every time I go to an event in Harlem for the most part

its get shot up. The sad part about it is that its friends shooting at other friends what the

eff is that about this is something that has been bothering me for a long time now the point I am trying to make is stop the nonsense I prefer to see people fight with their fist then random gunshots being fired and people running in chaos acting stupid stepping all over my


D a v e

saying Harlem I love you but get it together

Seven people were shot in Harlem and at least one person was critically wounded late Monday by gunmen who turned the streets in the historic New York district into a scene from the Wild West. Witnesses reported that at least two unidentified men exchanged gunfire and shocked onlookers sought cover. Police cordoned off entire blocks and hurried people off the street around 125th Street and Lenox Avenue, Fox News reports. No suspects have been detained, police said.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I Love Kids

I try and not to watch much tv I seriously watch the same things over and over but one

show that i have fell in love with is TLC's John & Kate + 8

With two year-old sextuplets and six year-old twins, the Gosselins are hardly your typical American family. Jon and Kate are the ambitious parents of this adorable bunch and they are battling all odds to make sure their brood has a normal, happy childhood. The show follows them as they tackle seemingly ordinary life events like pumpkin picking and birthday parties that become extraordinary when you have two sets of energetic multiples.

You cant help but to fall in love and be in amaze when you watch this show. The mother is very inspirational she keeps the whole family so organized..impressive cant even keep my binder organized

You can catch John & Kate + 8 on TLC Im not sure when it comes on cause I Tivo it [smiles]

Whats The Word?


Monday, May 26, 2008

Moving To Scarsdale.......

I know I talk about the "Carters" a whole lot

but when I first read that they were moving to my neck of the woods from the crazy yet inspirational


I didn't believe it for a second until I put on the News 12 and they informed me that yes Beyonce and Jay-Z purchased a new home in Scarsdale, New York like 20 minutes away from where I live!! Am I dreaming or is this a joke?

If the reports pan out, the couple would be moving into an expansive colonial style house of about 15,000 square feet, on approximately 2 acres of land. The palatial home has been under construction for about 6 months.
Still, neighbors would be able to accuse them of lording over the street. In this posh 'hood, the house in question isn't even the biggest on the block? [not that it matters to me]

Put after I put two and two together they did receive their wedding license in Scarsdale, New York hmmmmm

1 Time for the "Power Couple"
Well That Is The Word....
b e n j ii

Sunday, May 25, 2008

[Dreaming Of Angels]

Baby’s Breath
Being all to you I could be,
Giving you all of me, the last of me, the
rest of me.
Something about you arrested me.
All my friends know that this isn’t me.
Something about you developed me.
Sincerely this is a love song.I hate being in love.
Being water for you to walk on,
You are like a miracle to me.
It is amazing that someone so like me,
Can like me.
This why I’m courting.
This is why I will do romantic things,
Like smile and wink and think, About you.
Give you names like lovely.
And remember things we have not done yet,
Like fall asleep in the garden,
And wake up with baby’s breath in our hair,
And my whispering to you,
Baby I’m here.
I hate being in love.
Something about you arrested me.
Being all to you I could be,
Giving you all of me, the last of me, the rest of me.
Whats the word?

Power Couple

Power Couple Jammin The Night Away
They Look [So Happy] I Can Dig It
What's The Word?
Beyonce & Jay- Z aka The Carters Are The Word
Whats the word?

All You Have To Do Is Dream

So today I was watching one of my favorite movies
and I decided that I would visit
miss "Jennifer Hudson's" myspace
page her new single "Spot Light" isn't getting as much buzz...
as I want it to get though I love her raw natural powerhouse voice and in my eyes she cant do no wrong!!!
I am so looking forward to her debut later this year until then.........all I can do is simply be "Inspired" by miss Hudson

Heat Wave= My Grandma's Favorite Song [Smiles]

Check Jennifer's Official Myspace Page & To Hear Her New Single

Spot Light


Whats The Word?


Thursday, May 22, 2008

MTVs 2008 Hottest MC List

1. Kanye West

2. Jay-Z

3. Lil Wayne

4. Rick Ross

5. Snoop Dogg

6. 50 Cent

7.Lupe Fiasco

8. Young Jeezy

9. Andre 3000

10. T.I

Now this list for the most part is legit why T.I is number 10 kinda confuses me and why Lupe isn't number 4 upsets me but hey the people have spoken and the hottest MC in the game is
MR. WEST!!!!!!!!!! himself I know he told yall he would be and always has been #1 anyway
Tell em whats the word........
b e n j ii

Tear Tear I Miss High School


Pictured: Kimberly my fav 12th grader!!

Arielle Isabella Lookin Like A "Queen"

So yesterday was my cousin's prom from Mount Vernon High School class of 08 it feels crazy weird that I just did that last year...........had fun saw some people I didnt want to see [long story] and others who I missed dearly well here are a few of my fav pictures Arie & Kim you guys looked so freakin GREAT

Now That's The Word...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do All Cameras Flash.......

Temporarily Blinded.
you were impressed by the attention, the possibility of being recognized.
But...You were temporarily blinded by camera lights.
Do all the cameras flash, do they catch all your deeds,Are they suited for all your needs.
Can you hear the camera man plead.
Show me your face, who are you wearing on your waist.Is that a rock on your ring on your relationship hand?
You are temporarily blinded.
Because when the fanfare disappears,You are left with natural light.
Your prayers only reach the chandeliers....So I pray.In my prayer I will say...Let me keep encouraged like fine jewels in safe deposit boxes.
Let me keep integrity like close memories of loved ones.Let me keep my tongue like poisonous serpants in cages,Let me keep my site safe from temporary lights.
Let me keep faithful and nurture her like a newborn baby,Let me keep working because no one else is gonna save me,
Let me keep empty promises as reminders of how disappointment feels,So if I ever feel myself to much...
I can remember failure is real.Let me keep my youth but not for too long, because it is like the sickness of the needs to go on.
Let me keep my goals because when I had no food my goals fed me.
Let me keep God first because he's never blindedWhen all the cameras flash
Whats The Word?
D a v e
All Rights Reserved

BOOM!!! Kanye Does It Again........Told Yall He Would

Whats the word?

PS: The word is I am tight that I am a college student who so dumb & didnt purchase my Kanye West tickets in time and sadly have to wait for some form of DVD concert to come out although I think Beyonce is the only one who does that :) smiles

D a v e

New Magazine Cover's

Shai LeBeouf is on the issue of
June 08 GQ magazine [my personal fav magazine]
I must say he is looking dapper
Someone like him doesn't pull off GQ when he comes to mind
but after seeing it I have to disagree.
Is he the next Leonardo DiCaprio (He Was In Last Summer Blockbuster Hit "Transformers")
Look out for his new movie "Indiana Jones" out Thursday

Chris on the new June 08 cover issue of Ebony Magazine

He feel's [rolls eyes] all of sudden that he has to portray that he is a grown man instead

of the cute boy females fell in love with it hmmmmm... Rihanna must have

something to do with that! Ri-Ri aint nobody want ya Chris Breezy [LOL]

Nevertheless Chris Breezy 's grown and sexy

"Take You Down" is getting so much

radio play I no longer listen to that shit!
Look out for his re-release Exclusive: The Forever Edition
I already have my favorite track "Superhuman featuring Keri Hilson"

Superhuman [HIGH QUALITY] - Chris Brown (feat Keri Hilson)




Queen Bee?......Ya Damn Right!

Any one who knows D a v e

Knows that like millions of fans out there


I thought my Queen Bee was takin a BREAK nevertheless

she continues to pop up with these tracks that of

course I love [yall knew I was gonna say that]

Many of you have heard "Love In This Club Pt 2" that she kills

and the oh so popular "Beauitful Nightmare" my current ringtone

but last night I found this other track that proves that she is in her

PRIME!!!!!!!!!!!! she really is Queen B!!!

Should Have (FuLL) - Beyonce




Whats the Word?

D a v e

PS: Beyonce is the word!! Enjoy

We Break The Dawn Huh?

Here is Michelle Williams

New Video For Her Single "Break The Dawn"

No t sure I love and miss Destiny's Child

But this is wack to me.......I need R&B

Whats The Word?

D a v e

Monday, May 19, 2008

Is She The New It Girl?

So it seems like Keyshia
is everywhere I freakin turn!!
I love it!!!!!
"Heaven Sent" is getting
crazy radio play and the number one video on 106 & Park
and she seems to be in
everyone's song
The Game, Trina, C.Slide
Many say that she is the most artist out ghetto?
but maybe that is why I can
relate to her so well.....
She is the TRUTH!!
Keyshia Rocks My Socks!!!

Here is her latest video with the "The Game"

Although when he came on 106 & Park to debut the video

he called her "ghetto" like 8 times!!

Game Game Game Game come on mann..... we all know that she is ghetto

The Way It Is season 1 and season 2 reality tv show I personally have both DVD's LoL


Anyway something about this song is [Inspirational] LoL

The song is about past artist's who have paved the way for The Game and made him where he is at today.

at the end of Keyshia last outro she says

[Outro: Keyshia Cole] See, Mary J. I want you to understand you paved the way (for me)

I'm givin' homage (to you)

Keyshia!!! Big Up's To You On That Note!

Nevertheless history has to repeat it self Mary is gonna retire soon anyways :) Smiles Love Them Both

Whats the Word?

D a v e


Role Model

GET IT!!!!!!
No homo son
I love this dude!!
Whats the word?
D a v e

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Classic Material.....

"Tell me what am I to do when I can only think of you even when I have simple things to do"
Classic Material at its finest!!!
[Peep the sky blue jacket & the skirt with the pants]
Wasn't she HOT!!!
I remember when my brother recorded this for me and I was
mad when my mother recorded over it!!! LoL
Whats The Word?
D a v e

I Can Dig It.....................

I like to be inspired if you didnt know now you do

The picture explains it all....................

Whats the Word?

D a v e

PS: Any blackberry users in the house 1 time LoL

I Just Want Free.....

Last night.....I was watching old episodes of 106 & Park and I was sooooo HAPPY it seems these days that old things make me very happy anyway..........

Terrence and Rocsi aka ROKSKEE get on my nerves I already hate BET but gosh

They drain the shit outta me seriously why did Free & AJ leave

How many of you remember when AJ cried before he left....

I do :(

What is Free doing with her life she was in some songs at first like the popular

Wait (The Whisper Song)

"Automatically I can ride doubt I give a amazing head"



The Fighting Temptations song with Missy, Beyonce & MC Lyte

Nevertheless I don't even see her around much

Awwww come back to us free if not us


Whats The Word?

D a v e

(The whole story on why she left)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Classic Material

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Its one of those days when you put "Itunes on shuffle"
and jus sing your heart out I love doing that often
But then played Kelis=Get Along With You
Dear, Diary I remember it was just like yesterday........
Some can relate
Many will hate
But I can dig it :0)

Breath Of Fresh Air!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'm loving myself,and that doesn't mean
I'm full of myself.I find joy in learning new words,
And learning new things about me
My personality is eassy...
You don't have to be scared to speak to me.
Can I be humble.People say don't mistake their confidence for arrogance,
Maybe it's my old soul, But I believe you can be confident and approachable.
I believe like wind in trees, You can be a hurricane, while being a breeze.
You can be as mighty as the ocean, while being a day at the beach.
I guess they call it charm.Charm, a powerful force, but slowly dying.
People forget that silence is golden.that true class can go unspoken,
And to be self
proclaimed...doesn't proclaim much about yourself.
All this attitude is stale,And with no business in mind, no plans, too broad,and no fine line....
You are not refined.But something new is coming.humbleness that strikes fear and demands respect.
A new class on class.And as for fresh air...
People will breathe everywhere!!!
Summer 08 Draft: Those who know me know that NYC is where I will reside I have sooo many goals that have to achieve this summer that at times it can be very over whelming nevertheless mommy always said nothing can never be easy:) I feel like that by the end of the summer I will be a whole new man! I am working on me and could care less what anyone thinks about the new me I will stay the same of course but please do believe that I will be making some crazy changes..........

Just Like You=Keyshia Cole :)

Classic Material!

I Miss Nickeloden like crazy!!!
Well when they had good shows that would watch all day and all night!

Here are some of my fav enjoy!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

The Man I Have Become

When friends do you wrong,
And people and places go bad,
All I can think of Are the things mommy told me before I left home...
And people wonder why tears don't easily come from my eyes.

Because the one who really loves me,Cries for me every night.

So I'm not really worried about the world and all it's worth (?)I just want to be the best for my mother.

My strength my rose.
And she taught me,That even when mother and father forsake you,God loves you.
You have a gift...And the world can't take you.

I raised you by myself,
The world can't make you.
9 months and 18 yearsI'm not going to let anything brake you.

I used to be concerned about who likes me and who doesn’tBut now I see it's all jealousy.

But now when I think about what mommy said to me,How she raised me....and
spent 9 months and 18 years seasoning me for this appointment.....I'm happy now!I Gotta Thank You If It Wasnt For You I Wouldnt Be The Man I Have Become!
Happy Mothers Day To All The Mothers Out There
Remember Just Because You Give Birth Doesnt Make You A Mother Its The Hardest Job In The World.........Here Is A Photo Of The Greatest Mother In The World My Mother!!!!
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Its My Time & It Feels Effin Great!

I wish for you a 100 years of Success but it's my time.....

I feel great................LoL this being my first post

yet I am nervous kind of the same butterflies that you get when its the first day of school

but then I was inspired by my little sister a girl who I think for her age has swag! I love her she

told me blogs are a freedom of speech and I should care less what people say!

hmmmmmmmmmm maybe the girl is right so let me sit back relax and give the people what

they want right its really an online journal/diary whatever floats your boat so be prepared world!!!

I know the haters are wondering why does this boy has his own BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each post is bound to differ. Thanks for taking interest! Hope you gain something from all my ramblings......