Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blackberry Curve Inna Style Big Time!

For those who know me personally many of you know that for like the last two years I was the biggest T-Mobile Sidekick user I could piss and text with one hand [yeah talent I know] but as Usher says it was time to get your grown man on, & I moved on to BIGGER AND BETTER things I did a post a while back about be jumping on the bandwagon with the.........

Blackberry Curve. But it seems the more I look at pictures online and read magazines the Blackberry Curve is all the A-Lister's everyone and I mean everyone is going to be jumping on the BANDWAGON

Pictured above are some of my favorite celebrity's with blackberry I'm so not the spoke person for Blackberry's
[M a r q u i s via lateboots took care of that for me][] though I recommend them to everyone!

What The Word?

d a v e

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