Thursday, June 12, 2008

He Will Always Be Her "Breezy"

She gets shoppin sprees off the heezy

I get dough to blow, please believe me

Don't want the one on one

Take it easy You're just the jump-off I'm her breezy

I'm the one who knows her the best

I'm her one and only, nothin less

You don't wanna take it there!!!!

Don't you see she told me she loves me

Calls me her BREEZY!!!

Pictures are surfing the Internet world of Rihanna with Gym Class Heroes lead singer Travis McCoy. Everyone claims that Ri-Ri is cheating on Mr.Brezzy I think its nonsense Rihanna loves her some Chris and vice-versa "Oh please Internet trouble makers Travis obviously was drunk and was just a little to close" (see picture above)

ps: is it jus me or is Chris looking like a straight Puerto Rican! [he claims its his new due for the summer also pictured above]

Whats the Word?

d a v e

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