Monday, April 13, 2009

i fucks with this one [my review]


[The Baby Maker]

Quite simply, this album is less coarse, more sensitive; less R&B thug, more R&B crooner and each track is worth a few spins.

January saw the release of It’s Yours, the lead single that would usher in Holiday’s renewed image and outlook: gone are the notions of puppy love and ‘playa-listic’ banter, replaced with confessions of love and introspection. Don’t Go is one of the album’s most vulnerable points lyrically, exploring the emotions he felt in the very moment that he realizes she’s actually leaving and he’s the reason. Rick Ross contributes the album’s only guest appearance on Wrong Lover, underscored by an ultra-classy piano-led melody – gives the a real bluesy-singer type feel. Like their titles suggest, Lights Go Out and Make That Sound are characterized by their sexual themes and sultry undertones, illustrating moments of pleasure.

I can dig im late on this one but hey he came out when The-Dream came out what do you expect but sorry I have no caught up


"She chose the wrong lover"

d av e

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