Sunday, April 19, 2009

So Shes A [Suez Bitch]


so my best friend called me and told me that miss dope amber rose used to strip at
the famous [not to me] strip club Sues Rendezvous ne ways here is the picture that has been floating around the net!
by the way i live two mins away from the club i smile everytime i think about it

[ps: bitch has legs for days nice]

Sue's Rendezvous is located at
96 Gramatan Ave.
Mount Vernon, NY
"Who needs charities when you have Sue's Rendezvous, where you can put a stripper through college? Just make sure you tip, don’t be a jerk, and follow their guidelines for what’s appropriate and what’s not. (In other words, don’t be "that" guy.)"
d a v e

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