Monday, February 09, 2009

dave's review of the grammys 09'

so.....the Grammy awards went down last night my night was semi effed up so i only catched what my friend didn't tivo for me overall the show was ..::boring::..
wayne came out a big winner but he really deserved it walking away with four get that shit my nigga.....
jennifer performed a emotional balled "you pulled me through" and won best r&b album
which the great whitney houston awarded her with is it just me or was she drunk!!
mary and a.keys won awards but were no where to be found?? um hello???
the best moment of the night had to be MIA jumping around the stage to "swagger like us" she acted like her water wasn't about to break!
Rumors say that her contractions started as soon as she left the stage but did you guys peep the outfit lol ..::polka dots..::
overall my review is that the grammys was boring and breezy and rihanna made more news then the show
plus where was the Queen?? no where to be found i guess she sat this one out!
well my best and worst dressed is coming in the meantime check out my favorite performances!

"i thank god Mariah Carey didnt perform"
d a v e


D0MiN0 said...

yea it was pretty boring i only saw the parts i wanted to see.
You kno whaving M.I.A. up there pregnant makes you ask "what is the world coming too?" I also heard she was dues yesterday [8 Feb 09]
LLS i'm also glad MC didnt sing..

D0MiN0 said...

O yea i forgot can someone tell Katy Perry that she can't perform? [Horrible]