Monday, February 09, 2009

get paid for drinkin lemonade...

although eddie murphy claims that mel b tricked him into conceiving a beautiful child....
did he think he wasn't going to have to pay up!
um nah dude try again....
so an LA court has ordered mr funny man to dish out $50,000 a month for the child
"angel iris murphy-brown" turns 18! do the math thats 10 millions dollars
i want my money in 20's please!!
this deserves a [damn homie in high school you was the man homie what the eff happen to you]
Interestingly enough, Murphy has finally agreed to meet the child - this comes after the actor/comedian spoken openly about not wanting to interact with her until she was old enough to do so independently of her mother.
Brown and Murphy dated for nearly six months back in 2006. But the two have very different accounts of how the relationship ended.
While Murphy contends that the relationship was purely casual and that the former Spice Girl tried to trap him by getting pregnant - He also asked for a DNA test, claiming he was not convinced he was the father.
"so she tricked you into an orgasm to right"
d a ve

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