Sunday, February 15, 2009

my valentines day..::

Long Island Ice Tea-
Triple sec
Sweet and sour mix

so my valentines day was one to remember..::no i didn't spend it with anyone special [thas for suckers sorry my opinion]
except..::d o p e::..friends
partied and drank 3 long island ice teas back to back
mind you i pre-gamed with blue hurricanes 4 to be exact yall know im a bartender smiles
drunk is mos def an understatement
i was single & had time to mingle
the aftermath is this hangover that im rockin all day...
random rant-im a greatly impressed by individuality and have interest in people who have outstanding qualities.::but i don't imitate those people that i admire and their characteristics sorry you wont catch me tryna be similar and takin there qualities and makin them my own.
what would be the point..i enjoyed myself last night and was literally the life of the party
catch up with me if you can.
"excuse me is you sayin something nah you cant tell me nothing"
d a v e

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