Monday, July 07, 2008


Red please come and change my blue today.

Make it purple, because purple they say is the color of royalty.

Or maybe yellow come change my blues to green.

Because green represents growth and prosperity.

White maybe you can come and lighten things up

Blue I cant live with you lying to me everyday...

[Tired of shady friends this isn't Baldwin Hills or The Bad Girls Club its no reason for people in my life that are surrounded around me to throw shade.... take that shit back to where you picked up that horrible habit or maybe you was always shady from the start you don't like me and you feeling some type let a nigga know]
Aiyyo, I think about when a nigga didn't have and a nigga told a joke, and the bitches didn't laugh See now I do the math, I see if you got this and this and this to some cats, that nigga's the shit- DMX

Had to vent dave over and out now lets get down to business

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