Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let Get BUCK But Not [BUCKWILD]!

So BUCKEEY recorded a SEX TAPE!
In an exclusive interview, Buckeey, real name Shay Johnson, is steadfast in stating the tape’s distribution was done without her permission, and she had no intention of using it for publicity as some have claimed.
This is what she said about the sex tape leak

“It troubled me to find out my intimate act of love was classified as a sex tape. I didn’t speak on it because I knew how tender the situation was between me and my partner,” Buckeey revealed . “I didn’t want to point fingers at anyone or come out with any names because it was then and still is very much my personal business.”
Hmmmmmm you guys know how I feel about this already lets go LEAK THAT JOINT. Im ready to see if she really has a DONK.....
signed "throw that azz back Buckeey!"
d a v e

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