Thursday, July 17, 2008

She's Been The Girl For Me

In Solange's interview in the Summer 2008 issue of Rap-Up magazine (on newsstands now), she speaks on the burden of being a 'Knowles'. Check out the extract below:
“At this point, it’s starting to hurt me more than help me because my family is sort of known as the new age Huxtables. We’re the clean-cut girls. But I got married at 17, had a kid at 17. Ever since I was younger, I always considered myself to be into more artistic things than [BeyoncĂ©]. People just hear the [Knowles] name and they just put a stamp on it automatically.”
I've increasingly come to respect Solange's genuineness over the last few months. It really is refreshing in an industry that sees much of its stars assume the media-savvy, plastic/wooden personalities. More power to her...I am fan and have been for some time now I mean she is the sister of Queen Bee lets not forget how much I adore her.

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