Wednesday, July 02, 2008

How I Truly Feel

[Yours Truly produces clothing for the confident lady who can wear her, heart, lifestyle and truth on her sleeve. It's not for everybody ]

[Yours Truly produces clothing for the confident lady who can wear her heart, lifestyle, and truth on her sleeve. It’s not for everybody. ]

I am always elated and overwhelmed when someone introduces me or shows me someone with ambition and drive that is out of this world. That is what I think of when I think of Jenny Musitano a native of Brooklyn, New York who in March 2007 she decided to come up with a clothing line that she calls "Yours Truly"
Dave: What exactly inspires you?
Yours Truly: It has been a childhood dream and is inspired by clothes, confident ladies, music, and life.

This idea is reflected in the clothing company because it's not only about the clothing, yet more so about how girls take the style and make it theirs, truly. Jenny diversifies her out-and-out positive mind-set into a passion for fashion. Since she desires to maintain the individual style within the brand the circulation of each style is limited, quality is guaranteed, and only sold at select retailers.
You can get and see more about "Yours Truly Brand" via
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