Friday, July 11, 2008

Get Yourself Together Your A Mess!

David Darnell Brown also known as Young Buck attempted suicide last night by taking an overdose of prescription pain pills, according to a Nashville Police Department report. A copy of the report is also attached. The former member of the gangster rap group Guerrilla Unit, 27, was depressed and told cops that he was trying to harm himself, the report states.
Young Buck you had some success when you was by yourself what the eff does 50 Cent do to these dudes first he makes The Game retire and now make you wanna kill yourself I cant wait to him and Ya yo start beefing a mess I tell you! Anyways I will pray for this poor soul oh well G-Unit couldn't beat LIL WAYNE and their record didn't sell as well as cocky Curtis thought they would.
What's The Word
d a v e
back to basics I guess

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