Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lil Kim- [Crush] ed Her B'Day

On July 11th 1975 a star was born her parents decided to name her Kimberly Denise Jones any one who knows me knows that I am such a fan of Lil Kim I call her my cousin. Anyways I peeped online that cousin Kim celebrated her 33 birthday party! I cant believe that she is 33 and though some may say she is a hot mess I say I love her through the good and the bad [Photos don't sit well with her but in person! God how I loved seeing her when I went to where else Brooklyn] But what doesn't sit well with me is where she celebrated her party at! Lil Kim celebrated her 33rd birthday at Club Crush in Charlotte. Yung Joc and Atlanta rapper Yung Ralph also came down to the NC to help her celebrate. Aside for the fashion mishap that was her falling lace top, Lil Kim looked like she had a good time.
For those of you who don't know me personally I attend Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC and let me tell you I love my school with all my heart JC.........SU all the way baby. But why the hell would Lil Kim celebrate her mother effin birthday at Crush in Charlotte now don't get me wrong the city is cool and all but club CRUSH is the tightest club I have ever been to in my life and an HEAT BOX at that I have only been twice and had to be so gone to enjoy myself why would a native of NYC party there blows me? Why not drive to Atlanta or fly back home. Cousin Kim let me re-celebrate your bday!
Crush is a tight mess
d a v e

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