Sunday, July 06, 2008

These Looka Faggots

“Lookin’ Boy” is a song that’s been around for a minute. It was originally called “Lookin’ Ass Nigga” by Hot Stylez. The track was recently re-recorded (and cleaned up nicely) by the group for their major label debut on Yung Joc’s label.

So Bow Wow jumped on the “Lookin’ Boy” Remix to “have some fun with that thang” and ends up dissing his ex-roll dawg, Omarion

, in the process.

What did O do to Bow Wow to cause him to rap, “Damn them jeans is tight. You a Omarion lookin’ boy”. Why the hell Lil Bow Wow throwing crazy shade!! Is he confirming the rumors that his boy Omarion is gay? If Bow Wow is throwing Omari under the bus, he might as well crawl under there with him ’cause people are saying the same thing about him. But I aint one to gossip but that is what just people have been telling me.

What's The Word?

D a v e

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